incorporate vegan skincare into your routine

Incorporate Vegan Skincare Into Your Routine

Are you thinking about incorporating vegan products into your skincare routine? You’ve come to the right place! As people continue to adopt a healthier lifestyle, it’s always important to remember that what you put on your skin is just as important as what you put in your body. That’s why Bee Waxed Cosmetics has developed a skincare line that is 100% vegan and organic. 

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Benefits of Jade Rolling

Jade rolling has been a trend in the skincare world, but many don’t really know the true benefits it may provide. Jade rollers are made of solid jade stones. It has a large end for the cheeks, neck and forehead, and a small end for the eyes and lips. So, what exactly do these rollers do? We’ve written a short list of benefits of jade rolling.  

Natural Remedies to Treat Sunburns

Hot summer days means hours out in the sun. It also means damage to your skin. Sunburns are a pain to deal with, but when they happen it’s best to treat them naturally. That’s why we put together this list of products and around-the-house foods and vitamins as natural remedies to treat sunburns. If you have to deal with the pain, we can make it easier for you to heal!

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Why Should I Use Facial Oils?

Facial oils are huge in skincare right now! We see them all over social media and in cosmetics stores. You may be asking yourself: “Why should I use facials oils?” The fact is, they are a great way to help heal your skin or deal with any problems. We’ve laid out what we think are the best facial oils to use based on skin type!