Signature Facials



  • Any medications you are taking, even over-the-counter.
    Examples: Tazorac, Differen, Alphahydroxies, anti-aging products or creams, Retinals, Vitamin-A peels, blood pressure medication, blood thinners, antibiotics, Tomoxifin
  • Any medical or physical conditions that affect you currently or recently.
    Examples: menstruation or pregnancy, yeast, fungal or vaginal infection, Lupus, Rosacea, auto-immune deficiencies, allergies, STIs or cancers.

We have successfully provided services for many with any of the above health conditions. With proper notification, we can use methods to prevent any irritation or tearing of the skin. If irritation or damage occurs, we recommend using our BEE RELIEVED, BEE CALM, and BEE COOL products, as well as vitamin E oil, on the area for a 3 to 4 day healing process.

Please refrain from tanning salons, sunburns and excess sun exposure for two days before service.

After Completing Consent Form, Please Call 248-332-7993

(Salon) To Book Your Appointment

Cancellation Policy

Please be advised that there is a 24-hour requirement for cancellations of any service. If you fail to cancel your appointment 24 hours in advance, you will be charged 20% of the service cost.

This applies to any to our appointment based services: Facials, Brazilian Waxing, and Lashes.