Clean T Zone Area, Reduces Pores, and Freshens Skin.


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The BEE CLEAN facial gently cleanses the skin with our natural sugar-based exfoliant. BEE SUGARED is a gentle scrub that replenishes the nutrients and natural oils back into your skin. The ingredients in BEE SUGARED help prep the skin to remove built up toxins, dirt residue and free radicals that we are exposed to on a daily basis. This facial steams, cleans, massages, tones, moisturizes and tightens your pores for a polished look.

This signature cleansing facial steams, cleans, massages, tones, moisturizes and tightens your pores for a polished look.

Recommended every 28 days for maintenance of beautiful healthy looking skin.
Applicable for all skin types and all products apply.
Go home with a clean glow and fresh skin.



Prior to service please provide esthetician with any medication use. Medications can affect the skin.

EXAMPLES: Tazorac, Differen, Alphahydroxies, Anti-Aging products/creams, Retinals, Vitamin A peels, Menstrual Cycle, High-Blood Pressure medication, blood thinners, Anti-biotics, Pregnancy, Tomoxifin, Lupus, Rosacea, Auto-Immune Deficiencies, Allergies or Cancer. We have successfully provided services for many with any of the above conditions. By telling our estheticians, we can use methods to prevent any irritation or tearing of the skin.

If any tearing of the skin occurs, we recommend using our BEE RELIEVED, BEE CALM, BEE COOL and vitamin E oil on the area for the 3-4 day healing process.

Please refrain from tanning salons, sun burns and excessive sun exposure two days before service.

If you have any type of yeast, menstrual, fungal and venereal diseases, please inform technician.


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Please be advised that there is a 24 hour requirement for cancellations of any service. If you fail to cancel your appointment 24 hours in advance than you will be charged 20% of the service cost.

This applies to any to our appointment based services: Facials, Brazilian Waxing, and Lashes.


Recommended for oily skin with overactive glands.

Glass tubes that carry electricity through an electrode penetrating through your skin to kill bacteria, infections and any problematic skin eruptions. Also helps facilitate the penetration and movement of product to the derma layer. 8-10 minute procedure.


Recommended for all skin types with excessive dead and oily skin.

Stimulates the nerve response in aiding the dilation of blood vessels and increases blood flow. It softens the desquamation (built up sebum) crust and tissue to help dissipate infected areas on face. Highly effective for the removal of grease.  8-10 minute procedure.


Helps to hydrate dehydrated mature skin.

Increases temperature within the skin, which stimulates the circulation, lymph drainage, and cell membrane. Increases cell permeability.

Also, increases intracellular calcium, which is a messenger for cell function.

This therapy helps speed up inflammatory healing response.

Conducive with a hydrating mask, thus, following with an active live gel and ultrasonic pulse electrode to penetrate product in for maximum results. 10 minute procedure.


For all skin types.

Used a la carte or included with the Bee Derm facial.

The dermabrasion tool facilitates dead skin cell removal and vacuums up excess residue. Cleans skin thoroughly. Can also be used as an additional treatment to other facials for optimum effect.

Shedding, peeling and new skin cell birth occurs immediately and three to seven days following.

Have treatment a week before any special event. Use sun protection 30+ after treatment.


Recommended for every facial.

For dark circles, poor circulation, dehydration, and reduce fine lines. This vitamin C serum helps to reduce inflammation, and improve blood flow and circulation.

2 reviews for BEE CLEAN FACIAL

  1. Lorelle

    I have had terrible acne for the longest time. One of my friends told me that a product Bee Clean has been helping her face clear up! So I used some of hers and it helped my acne so much that I had to order some of my own and I cannot stop using it!

  2. Kendra W.

    I had so many black heads. They looked nasty. So my boyfriend told me “get a facial, it’s on me”. He knows i love and trust the girls at Bee Waxed, so, he went and purchased a gift card. “Thanks Micheal”. I just got my BEE CLEAN facial and my nose looks clean, free of black heads, and my face is glowing. Funny, what we do when our boyfriends tells us.. LOL

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