• Parties:
    This agreement is entered into by BEE WAXED COSMETICS, and con tent creator/influencer for work completed as detailed below.

    The content creator/influencer, agrees to provide BEE WAXED COSM ETICS with the requested social media content. Publication of the agreed content is to start one week after content (edited photos) are sent to said content creator/influencer.
    <2> x Instagram Stories
    <1> x Instagram post a week for 4 consecutive weeks
    <1> x Facebook post (if applicable)

    BEE WAXED COSMETICS agrees to provide said content creator/infl uencer with a BEE WAXED COSMETICS as well as pay for a one hour photography session (worth $100) to use for creating the content to be posted on said social media channels as listed above.

    Cancellation Terms:
    Upon written or verbal cancellation, the content creator/infl uencer, is responsible for payment of opened BEE WAXED COSMETICS products used for the completion of the wo rks. Should BEE WAXED COSMETICS, cancel the project following its completion (but non-publication), BWC is responsible for compensating with the agreed upon BEE WAXED COSMETICS products.


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    Pontiac, MI 48341

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