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Silvia C.

I love my Bee New product.  I can use it every day and it doesn’t dry my skin out. It has helped remove the daily dead skin build up with lightening any of my previous scarring.


I use this every day and has helped my skin so much!

Stephanie C

I love my Bee Clean facial. My pores are smaller, blackheads are gone, and my skin is brightened!

Crystal B

I just had my first Brazilian wax. I did not tear or hurt like I was made to believe by all my friends. I was so comfortable and was in and out with in 30 minutes. This is the greatest place I have ever been!

Kristie T

I love getting my brows waxed and tinted here. The shape is defined and the color stays on for two weeks. It truly helps distinguish my brows now.

Carla Z

Bee Fresh cleanser is my fav! It’s pink and pretty, foams up, and spreads so evenly. It helps clean my pores and dirt on my face. I love that it is organic!

Rubi Serrentino

I’ve been on these products for about two weeks now and absolutely love them. My skin is clean, clear, and fresh.

Emily Root

I love my Bee Vital. The skin on my face use to be really red and dry. After a few uses of Bee Vital, there was noticeable difference in my skin. My face feels smoother and the redness has reduced significantly. My skin also feels refreshed and brighter.