Ear Piercing

Complimentary ear piercing with a purchase of earrings at $15, $30, and/ or $50

Our ear piercing technicians have been experienced for over 30 years. We use 24k electra plated gold or silver, surgical steel on the inside, and hypo-allergenic posts. They contain no nickel and have with a thicker safety-lock post, perfect for your first earring.

We pierce lobes and outside ear cartilage.


  • Clean ear piercing twice daily with Neosporin. Cleaning should be done with clean fingers.
  • With clean fingers, twist earrings 3 times a day to prevent swelling and hyper granulation.
  • Please keep earring in for 6-8 weeks, then replace if desired to a 14k gold post to prevent irritation or infection. We recommend keeping an earring in your ear for 1 year to prevent hole closure. If you experience a swelling and/or hyper granulation, remove earring and contact your physician.
  • 6 months and older.