At Bee Waxed Cosmetics, we take pride in providing luxury products and services at affordable prices. As the ever-changing beauty industry evolves, we will continue to provide new and innovative methods that place our products and services ahead of the competition. Dedicated, meticulous, and attentive, our lab technicians and certified estheticians create unparalleled results and unique experiences for each customer. The talented team of experts at Bee Waxed Cosmetics is poised to revolutionize the cosmetics industry one client at a time.

Because we’ve serviced more than 1 million clients, we recognize the deep demand for products tailored to various skin types and conditions. That’s why we offer skincare products that are organic, paraben free, cruelty free, silicone free, toxin free, certified vegan, and derived from all-natural botanical ingredients. Our products contain no beeswax, nor do they cause any harm to bees.


We like to think of Bee Waxed Cosmetics as a lifestyle brand with values. The Bee Waxed laboratory is an inclusive boutique-style manufacturer that produces our cosmetics on an as-needed basis, preserving our high standards for natural, organic skin care. Whether you’re browsing our brick-and-mortar store or shopping with us online, we’ll always provide you with the freshest and purest ingredients. In fact, Bee Waxed Cosmetics is now featured in Amazon’s curated Indie Beauty collection. For all of our clients, we’ll always ensure high quality products by using ingredients from the earth.

Because each person’s skin is unique—based on their environment, stresses, lifestyle, and heritage—we’ve created each product, facial, and skincare bar chart to help our clients choose the right products for their skin success. Likewise, our customized skin care and product-treatment protocol delivers each client ideal custom results. And we strive to provide every client a superior customer service experience to match our quality products.

At Bee Waxed Cosmetics, our most important goal is to practice thorough, honest, and caring service—but we also believe in giving back. That’s why we stay involved and provide service to our community in any way we can.


Bee Waxed Cosmetics has served the Detroit Metro area for more than 35 years.

Formerly known as I Natural Cosmetics, the company was founded in 1986 by Sam and Amy Salah in Livonia, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. While working for their parents’ cosmetics business, Salah daughters Sandy and Julie attended the University of Michigan and New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology, respectively. The Salah sisters (later known as Sandy Sarafa and Julie Borg) would use their applied talent, knowledge, expertise to help the company evolve into its own brand.

As both mothers and lovers of skincare, sisters Sandy and Julie realized that many of their own skincare products were filled with ineffective toxins and chemicals. Their research revealed the side effects and damage such ingredients can cause to the skin in the long run. Sandy and Julie sought to develop alternatives for men and women of all ages that are made exclusively with all-natural, organic ingredients.

Rebranded and reimagined, Bee Waxed Cosmetics set about formulating their skincare products designed to revolutionize the beauty industry. The Bee Waxed brand is anchored to three core principles: Integrity, Quality, and Excellence—the integrity of our ingredients, the quality of our products, and the excellence of our customer service.

After more than 35 years in business, we’ve had the pleasure of servicing more than 1 million clients. Our ingredients are carefully selected, researched, and designed for us by certified skincare scientists. We address all skin conditions and every client’s skincare needs individually, combining innovative procedures and organic ingredients with proven, tried-and-true methods to create unparalleled, visible results.

Sandy Salah sarafa & Julie Salah Borg