BEE COOL is a barrier balm that is an alternative to cortisone for many dermatological conditions including Eczema, Dermatitis, rashes and hives. Soothing botanical extracts inhibit exaggerated inflammatory responses, relieving itching and redness. BEE COOL can be used alone for inflammation or, as our trio, after using BEE CLEAR and BEE CALM.


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BEE COOL is a topical alternative to cortisone creams used to combat many dermatological conditions, including eczema, dermatitis, rashes and hives. It contains soothing botanical extracts in order to prevent exaggerated inflammatory responses such as itchiness and redness. Additionally, this cream is highly effective for relief and repair of burned skin. A unique transdermal delivery system promotes immediate absorption of skin desensitizers into deeper layers of the dermis where healing and regeneration occurs.

For best results, apply to affected area(s) 3-5 times daily with clean fingers. For use after sun exposure, apply to burn areas directly after showering.

Borage Seed Extract, Calendula Extract, Chamomile Extract, Rose Hip Oil, Vitamin C, Echinacea Extract, Tea Tree Oil, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Grapeseed extract. To learn more about the benefits of the ingredients, click here

6 reviews for BEE COOL

  1. Kera

    I have use the Bee Cool and it works great. I have dark circles under my eyes and after one application I did notice a difference. I would highly recommend this product.

  2. Beth

    So i was told to give this a try for the eczema on my hands. I’ve been going to these ladies for about 18 years so i definitely trust them. I put it on beforw bed and when i woke up my hands were like 80% bettee just from the first try!

  3. Jasmine

    Bee cool helps relieve redness after being waxed!! I love this product i own it myself 😊

  4. Crystal

    First of all I use this product everyday on my face. I also use it for any flare ups because I have an autoimmune disease I don’t leave home without it! I went to Florida for a vacation and realized I had burned the skin of my upper thigh,knees and feet after I used everything and nothing worked! I remembered by Bee Cool it gave me immediate relief from the inflamed red irritated skin and began healing. I LOVE this product!

  5. Jerri Medved

    I have to say I was skeptical at first. I have tried so many products and when I was having my eyebrows waxed the girl talked me into purchasing a small container of the bee cool. WOW!! I will never use anything else. This is a great product, my skin has never looked this good!!!

  6. Roseann Irwin (verified owner)

    I started having eczema issues upon arriving in Michigan, after landing in a plane that had to be swept over by bomb dogs b4 leaving due to a scare. That I think triggered it! My daughter who uses your facial products had some BeeCool on hand and I tried it. I could not believe that the next day it seemed as if it was barely irritated. Amazing product! I ended up buying a jar for the month I was there and another after returning to Tx. Being a Guillian-Barre survivor and dealing with auto-immune issues from stage 4 chirrosis wreaks havoc on my skin, mainly by my own faults for not covering up in the sun. I do now! But I will always make sure I have a jar of BeeCool in the house! THIS PRODUCT IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!

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