Love this toner! I’ll be back for more =)


I’ve been looking for a great alcohol-free toner. I have combo skin that’s also sensitive and this really helped me. I’ll be buying a bunch!


I loveeee using this product in my routine. It works greater than any toner i’ve used!


Thank you to Bee replenished my skin is has improved so much


I saw the salon on my way home one day and stopped in. I got information on services i’m interested in. I had some cuts from falling the day before and one of the girls insisted on trying bee relieved on me instead of other healing creams. I ended up going back a few days later to purchase it because I loved it so much!


I use this toner every single night! MY SKIN FEELS AMAZING AND LOOKS EVEN BETTER


I come to the salon every other week for different services. I bought Bee radiant and it left my skin glowing! I have been using it for my “no makeup, makeup” look and it has made a huge difference on my skin! Everyone is asking what i’m using.


I have the bee pure toner and I love it so much. I have oily skin and breakout often so this dries out my acne as well as helps with how oily my skin is!