I went into Bee Waxed with my wife and was impressed by the professionalism of the establishment. The girls were busy working on clients when one of them offered me a nose hair wax. I chuckled and said “No Way” yet somehow I sat in the chair and had my hair removed out of my nostrils. It wasn’t painful and I look cleaner. I actually breathe better. At checkout, I purchased a BEE HYDRATED bottle so I could fill it up with tap water. I now use it everyday and think of the girls while I am at work. It was a good idea to buy it because now, i drink more water while sitting at my desk and don’t buy the plastic bottled water anymore. Cheers to the girls at BEE WAXED.

David S.

In the past when I had Bikini waxes I use to itch and be red for days. I came to the salon Bee Waxed Cosmetics that was highly recommended by my girlfriend Tammy. She has been coming for years and introduced me to the owner Julie. Julie performed my wax and explained to me the importance of the BEE SUGARED scrub and the bikini brush to use before and after a wax treatment. Then Tammy told me try their trio kit. It helps with ingrown hairs, redness, itchiness, and inflammation. I bought it and I am hooked. I love all their products and services.

Christina F.

This is the holy grail. I never had lashes. Now i got long ones. Thanks to the girls at BEE WAXED COSMETICS. I look beautiful. Shout out to Revita Lash.


I could never get my eyebrows to grow in. I always needed a little more on my left. Angelica at Bee Waxed gave me a sample of Revita Brow conditioner and after 8 weeks my hair is coming in. Thank you ladies @ Bee Waxed Cosmetics for knowing the art of all browology.

Yvette S.

I like Bee Polished because I have combo skin and its the perfect balance that keeps me oil free. My t-zone is normally shiny and since I have used this, it keeps my shine under control.

Heather Flore

Bee Scrubbed and Bee Bright have become a staple in my weekly routine. I use them twice a week to exfoliate the dead skin, remove blackheads and clean out clogged pores. My skin looks nothing less than perfect.

Liz Henderson

I always use BEE MASKED whenever I have a special occasion and want to brighten up my skin. It leaves my face looking supple, smooth and fresh. 5 star

Bethany Hampton

Bee Gentle has significantly improved the crows feet around my eyes while providing me nourishment and hydration. Products in the past have not given me the results they claimed they would. This one is a game changer.

Barney York