My son has super bad allergies, causing rashes. I have tried everything under the sun to give him relief. Bee Cool is our Godsend. Truly! He even calls it “magic cream” it is amazing stuff. You will love it.

Danielle Armstrong

I started using Bee Clear, as well as the bee sugared and bee relieved and it has helped my skin tremendously. After using it for a few weeks my best friend noticed and he started using it as well. His face was covered in acne, and within 3 weeks of using it regularly his face completely cleared up with no scarring. He moved out of state and still calls me whenever he’s low to send him more! I highly recommend trying this out!


My sensitive dry skin has been transformed using these amazing skincare products! I’ve always struggled to find products that moisturize enough without clogging my pores and causing breakouts. These products are the answer I’ve been looking for. I use several products and have fallen in love with each one!


I really love the bee sugared exfoliant, it’s really great for your skin. It leaves it really nice and soft.

Bianca garcia

I love the eye cream! It has definitely brightened up my very dark circles! Great services at this store, too!

Carolyn B

I started to experience an excessive amount of hormonal acne. I recently came into Bees wax to have my eyebrows done & was offered to try the Bee Clear & Bee Clean sample. I Started using the products and instantly seen a change in my breakouts. My next eyebrow appointment I purchased the products and have no longer experience new breakouts,also it makes my skincare completely CLEAN!!! I WOULDN’T try another product ever!!! -Ashley B

Ashley Brown

I started to use bee new and I already feel a difference on my skin. love it


Love bee masked! so awesome to use