The Bee New Glycolic cream is working so well for me. I notice no flakes and dry skin. Any time I used Glycolic in the past, it left me flaky and dry, especially with my make up on. For some reason this one doesn’t. I suggest you all try it.

Nella Porter

Been coming here for years. Always trying new products. One that stands out is the Bee Radiant moisturizer. Very hydrating. Highly recommend.

Tonya Leaman

I love my Bee Protected moisturizer. I am not much of a sun lover but do believe we are exposed regularly to the harmful rays. I tried this sun protection cream and it works wonderfully without clogging my pores. A 5 star recommendation.

Sanjina K

I am in internal medicine doctor. I rarely have time to keep up with myself. I visit this salon every month and decided to step forward and book a facial. Rula was informative and educated me on skins necessary nutrients. I purchased a few skin care items and the one in which stood out for me was the Bee Nourished moisturizer. It contains vitamin b and you can literally smell the vitamin. Vitamin B aids in skin stress as well as the immune system. I find the philosophy of Bee Waxed Cosmetics skin care as a validated science based skin care line. It depicts the essential ingredients needed in the skin by using all natural organic ingredients. I will be recommending this to all who inquire.

Dr Jenn.

I have read that all skin needs vitamins.  I asked Jazmin if she had a product that could provide me with the essentials. She encouraged me to begin with one and it was the BEE VITAL serum. It is all vitamin c and is so moisturizing. I use it in the am and pm before my moisturizer and keep getting compliments on how radiant I look.  Love this all natural serum.

Sandy Lowe

Rima told me about the Bee Restored toner.  I trust her because she has been with Bee Waxed for 20 years. I use it everyday after my cleanser and it is so refreshing and balances my normal skin. It contains aloe which soothes my redness and occasional flare ups.  A must try.  Thanks ladies!

Rita Kallo

I love Bee Waxed. They have expanded their skin care line which is all organic.  I sampled Bee Replenished after my eye brow wax and decided to take it home.  I made a good decision.  I love this product and went back to buy the bee nourished moisturizer.  These women are so honest and helpful.  I give them a 5 star!

Sean J.

Bee Pure is a great toner. It works so well for my oily skin. It has salicylic acid and dries out my pimples. Totally recommend.


Brittany J.