I’ll take ten bee scrubbed please!!!!!


I have been searching for a great scrub to use and couldn’t find one i really liked. The girls at the salon suggested I try Bee Scrubbed and I fell in love!! My skin is so soft the next day it’s insane.


I love the bee scrubbed product, it leaves your face very soft!


Bee Scrubbed and Bee Bright have become a staple in my weekly routine. I use them twice a week to exfoliate the dead skin, remove blackheads and clean out clogged pores. My skin looks nothing less than perfect.

Liz Henderson

I wouldn’t let anyone else near my brows! For over 18 years I’ve been coming to Bee Waxed 🐝 their customer service is great and my brows are always on point thanks to their skilled staff. I’ve been using their skincare products Bee Calm and Bee Scrubbed and ❤️ them. Highly recommend!


Bee Scrubbed is a product that helps with my hyperpigmentation. It is helping control my breakouts. Love it.

Zena B

Bee Scrubbed brightens my complexion. I use it multiple times a week. I like the consistency. It is a staple in my shower.

Jamie L

I purchased Bee Scrubbed and used it twice a week and it makes my skin soft, no itching, I am more even, and clearing up. I see results. It lasts a long time and you do not have to use a lot.

Brandy O.