After I shave my beard I get a lot of ingrowns and sometimes even cut myself. I purchased bee clear and bee relieved! I use the bee clear after I shave and it works wonders. I use the bee relieved after I shave as well, but when I cut myself it’s great for the skin. I get scared using over the counter creams especially on my face because I don’t know what’s in it. This stuff is great and all natural


I saw the salon on my way home one day and stopped in. I got information on services i’m interested in. I had some cuts from falling the day before and one of the girls insisted on trying bee relieved on me instead of other healing creams. I ended up going back a few days later to purchase it because I loved it so much!


It took away my son’s baby eczema when nothing else worked. It was safe and gentle enough to use on his baby skin and it cleared it right up.

And Marie rydesky

I have sensitive skin that is easily irritated. After I get waxed I use the bee relieved and the redness begins to fade, instantly I feel the relief of burning and swelling. I have been coming here for 32 years and I will not go anywhere else.


Bee Relieved has been a hero for me when it comes to post wax, dry skin, after sun care. So glad I purchased this product and would recommend it to anyone with sensitive skin that needs a little extra moisture and healing!

Jenell Richards

Bee Relieved is a must. I carry it with me everywhere. It helps with my hives and eczema. So glad I have this instead of Benedryl because it is all natural.

Jeanie J

I have been using Bee Calm and Bee Relieved and after about 2 weeks my skin feels and looks better. The breakouts, red bumps, and irritation has greatly reduced.

Lilia Alvarado

Bee Relieved really works for eczema! Wonderful product!