I love my Bee Clean facial. My pores are smaller, blackheads are gone, and my skin is brightened!

Stephanie C

Love the microneedling treatments I get here! And I love the people here as well. Great service


So I keep coming in for the microneedling treatments, I was so worried I wouldn’t really see a difference but my ski is transforming and I can’t get enough. I told all my friends and now they wanna try it


I can’t believe how affordable and great the bee scrubbed facial was. I can’t wait to take my wife here so she can experience the greatness and we can talk about it after.


I got the bee peeled facial last week and I loved it. I can’t stay away I want more!!!


I broke my chin as a kid and have a lot of scarring. I frequently started to get the bee peeled facial to see if it can make a difference. it surely has and I keep returning for me! You can’t keep me away


Finally a facial to keep your skin hydrated!!! Bee Hydrated facial is soooo beautiful on my skin. I will return and even bring my friends


I am becoming so old so I wanted to try out a facial and see if it will change my skin. Great service and i’m so satisfied with it! I was so relaXED I almost fell asleep. I love the bee firm facial