The environment was so welcoming! Julie was so sweet and Natalie did a great wax! Will be back!


I have no complaints zip zero! All the ladies are sweet and good at what they do. For sure! Love my Julie. Tho, hey 👋🏾 girl hey lol 😆.
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Bonnie Amps

I just had my first Brazilian wax. I did not tear or hurt like I was made to believe by all my friends. I was so comfortable and was in and out with in 30 minutes. This is the greatest place I have ever been!

Crystal B

I absolutely will be back for another bikini here. It’s so clean and they make sure you’re not in pain either!


I got a bikini/Brazilian wax and it didn’t even hurt. I felt so fresh and clean after. Greatest place to get it done!


BEST BIKINI WAX EVER. It didn’t even hurt and i’m always so scared of getting waxed!