Loveeeee my individual lashes!! They stay on amazing and look even better. My friends say I look GREAT! Thank you Bee Waxed!!!!


I have a ton of events coming up and didn’t want to pay to get lashes every-time. I got the individual lashes and I love them! They stay on great and save me money too. I’ll tell everyone about them.


I tried the individual lashes while waiting for my eye brow number to come up. I love them. Jazmin did a great job on both. Thanks to Bee Waxed Cosmetics place I can look beautiful and get in and out.

Carrie Talia

I stopped in to get my lashes done and to my surprise the lash tech does eyebrows as well and she is awesome just like the rest of the girls. So now my lashes and eyebrows are on fleek!!!

Ms. Price

My lashes always look so natural. Keya is phenomenal at extensions.

Natalie S