I love my Bee Clean facial. My pores are smaller, blackheads are gone, and my skin is brightened!

Stephanie C

Great bee clean facial. I will return


I have a lot of dead skin cells and gave the bee clean facial a shot. It was such a good and relaxing experience. My skin felt so good after and I loved it.


I had so many black heads. They looked nasty. So my boyfriend told me “get a facial, it’s on me”. He knows i love and trust the girls at Bee Waxed, so, he went and purchased a gift card. “Thanks Micheal”. I just got my BEE CLEAN facial and my nose looks clean, free of black heads, and my face is glowing. Funny, what we do when our boyfriends tells us.. LOL

Kendra W.

My face is so clean after my Bee Clean Facial. Rula is very thorough!

Bianca Z