I use Bee Nourished in my everyday and every night regimin. I use it with the other skincare products I have so I can get the full affect and it has helped my skin so much. Sticking to all the same brand is lovely and so convenient!


I am in internal medicine doctor. I rarely have time to keep up with myself. I visit this salon every month and decided to step forward and book a facial. Rula was informative and educated me on skins necessary nutrients. I purchased a few skin care items and the one in which stood out for me was the Bee Nourished moisturizer. It contains vitamin b and you can literally smell the vitamin. Vitamin B aids in skin stress as well as the immune system. I find the philosophy of Bee Waxed Cosmetics skin care as a validated science based skin care line. It depicts the essential ingredients needed in the skin by using all natural organic ingredients. I will be recommending this to all who inquire.

Dr Jenn.

I love Bee Waxed. They have expanded their skin care line which is all organic.  I sampled Bee Replenished after my eye brow wax and decided to take it home.  I made a good decision.  I love this product and went back to buy the bee nourished moisturizer.  These women are so honest and helpful.  I give them a 5 star!

Sean J.