Coolest bottles! My kids love them for on the go


I LOVE THESE BOTTLES!!!! I love them so much. They’re awesome for being on the go. I started to wash them and fill them up and put them in the fridge for me and my children. These are so convenient and even save me money from buying water bottles all the time. SO AWESOME


I love it here. They are girls who work so hard to give us the perfect brows. They made BEE HYDRATED BOTTLES because their so busy they don’t even have time to drink H2O. At least that’s my theory. So, I purchased a bottle to support their cause on skin needs water. Glad I did because I carry it everywhere.

Brooklyn Heights

I went into Bee Waxed with my wife and was impressed by the professionalism of the establishment. The girls were busy working on clients when one of them offered me a nose hair wax. I chuckled and said “No Way” yet somehow I sat in the chair and had my hair removed out of my nostrils. It wasn’t painful and I look cleaner. I actually breathe better. At checkout, I purchased a BEE HYDRATED bottle so I could fill it up with tap water. I now use it everyday and think of the girls while I am at work. It was a good idea to buy it because now, i drink more water while sitting at my desk and don’t buy the plastic bottled water anymore. Cheers to the girls at BEE WAXED.

David S.