Bee Fresh cleanser is my fav! It’s pink and pretty, foams up, and spreads so evenly. It helps clean my pores and dirt on my face. I love that it is organic!

Carla Z

Bee Fresh is my number one go-to cleanser! I’ve been using it for a year now and I love it


I have really sensitive skin! So I started to use this cleanser because the other ones I was buying don’t do much for me and I break out after using them. I’m very picky about the products I use because I like to know what’s in them. This cleanser doesn’t just cleanse my skin but it helps keep it moisturized as well.


My sister and I have been coming here for years. I love all the ladies here. They work so hard to give us fast and quality service at an amazing price. I recently bought the BEE FRESH cleanser and used it to clean my face and shave.  Wow its pink and smells like fresh herbs but does it work. I will never buy shaving cream again because this is two in one.


Bee Fresh cleanser is pink, fluffy and creamy.  It has worked so well on my skin without drying me out.  It leaves me so clean.  i love this product. A must use daily.

Mary B.