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BEE CLEAR smooths away razor bumps and ingrown hairs; this superb serum softens and purifies. Effective for face and bikini areas, BEE CLEAR can be used on its own or in the TRIO KIT, which includes BEE CALM and BEE COOL.

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BEE CALM is a peptide enriched age-defying serum that replenishes the damaged skin barrier with Hyaluronic Acid by smoothing fine lines and strengthening elasticity. This Defensil® Serum’s special properties of Blackcurrant Seed Oil and Balloon Vine Extract, in combination with Sunflower Seed Oil, effectively reduce inflammation. This serum nourishes and relieves dark circles with Aloe Vera Gel and an infusion of 15% Arnica. Suitable for all skin types. BEE CALM can be used with BEE CLEAR or BEE COOL or on its own as a defense serum.


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bee vital


BEE VITAL serum helps to reduce visible signs of aging from sun exposure by helping to fight destructive free radicals and protect from damaging UVA rays. This serum is formulated with organic citrus fruit concentrates that are rich in Vitamin C and amino acids resulting in younger looking skin. Bee Vital helps to reduce the visible signs of photoaging by helping to fight destructive free radicals. In addition the skin acquires important protection from damaging ultra-violet rays.