my fiance got her eyebrows microbladed and she loved them so much! I loved them and how natural looking they were. I’ve seen microblading done but not like that! I made an appointment and absolutely love the way they look. I just have to go back for a touch-up and they’ll be perfectttt. Thanks Bee Waxed!


My eyebrows have always been a mess. I have large and in charge brows that needed to be filled in and fixed. I already come to the salon for them and one of the girls told me about this service and highly suggested it. I did it and I love them! I am sooo thankful and happy.


Microblading has changed my entire life! I lovee it. My eyebrows always look good now and I don’t need to do much to them besides come in here and now to get them tamed from the girls! lOVE THEM


I never thought I would get Microblading done because I thought it was going to be hard to keep up with but in fact, it’s the complete opposite. I went in and talked the girls about doing it and I was sold within minutes. I used to hate not wearing makeup because I hated my eyebrows and it didn’t look right on my face. I finally can leave my house with little to no makeup and in confidence because my eyebrows are on fleek.


I got Microblading done for the first time! I love it so much! My eyebrows look awesome. It’s so much easier for me to do my makeup and takes half the time now because my eyebrows are already filled! I was so afraid I would be in a lot of pain and fortunately I didn’t even feel anything!


I love the natural look of my eyebrows. I don’t need to use a fill in pencil. Having my eyebrows micro bladed was a simple process using semi-permanent ink. I look forward to my 6 week touch up. I highly recommend Mariann at Bee Waxed Cosmetics.

Raquel W.