I really love the bee sugared exfoliant, it’s really great for your skin. It leaves it really nice and soft.

Bianca garcia

Love love love bee sugared!! It really preps my skin for before I shave and leaves it looking flawless.


I use bee sugared in my shower before I shave and it leaves my skin glowing, soft and helps prep me to shave so much better!


In the past when I had Bikini waxes I use to itch and be red for days. I came to the salon Bee Waxed Cosmetics that was highly recommended by my girlfriend Tammy. She has been coming for years and introduced me to the owner Julie. Julie performed my wax and explained to me the importance of the BEE SUGARED scrub and the bikini brush to use before and after a wax treatment. Then Tammy told me try their trio kit. It helps with ingrown hairs, redness, itchiness, and inflammation. I bought it and I am hooked. I love all their products and services.

Christina F.

I love using Bee Sugared. It gets rid of all my dry skin on my face and around my nose. It leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed!! It smells amazing too!!

Tiffany Cavill

I love it here I will be back

Thelma welleons

Bee Sugared is absolutely amazing! I’ve used it for 4 weeks and I’ve noticed lighter and smoother skin. I’ve also used it on my face and my complexion is vibrant!

Lucy B

Purchased BWC Scrubbed, Sugared, Calm and Clear products and they have done an exceptional job of ridding my skin of the blemishes. Thank you the Bee Waxed for adding this.