I love that this moisturizer Bee Cool is all natural! I only have to use a small amount and it keeps my skin soft all day. Also my skin is very sensitive but this product is so wonderful. It helps control my breakouts and oily skin issues. I will not use any other facial moisturizing products.

Candy Marshall

My son has super bad allergies, causing rashes. I have tried everything under the sun to give him relief. Bee Cool is our Godsend. Truly! He even calls it “magic cream” it is amazing stuff. You will love it.

Danielle Armstrong

I started breaking out everywhere and thought it was hives. I went to the dermo and they told me it was something else. They prescribed me ointment and it wasn’t working at all. I told my mom and she told me try her product called bee cool. I put it on my rash and it instantly felt like it was healing it. My rash went away from this and I wasn’t even harming my skin. I ended up buying my own just incase this happens again.


I am a true believer in Bee cool!! I started to use this over cortisone cream because I don’t like putting things that aren’t natural and organic on my skin. I love it and love knowing it’s good for the skin! I even use it on my kids because it’s so safe!


First of all I use this product everyday on my face. I also use it for any flare ups because I have an auto-immune disease I don’t leave home without it! I went to Florida for a vacation and realized I had burned the skin of my upper thigh, knees and feet after I used everything and nothing worked! I remembered by Bee Cool it gave me immediate relief from the inflamed red irritated skin and began healing. I LOVE this product!


Bee cool helps relieve redness after being waxed!! I love this product i own it myself 😊


The bee calm has helped remove dark spots and blemish scars around my temples. They faded away in a matter of 2 weeks! I also use the BeCool as my daily face moisturizer! Beewaxed Rocks!
– Sandra M

Sandra Morelli

I love BeeWaxed. Been coming for over 15 years. Love the technicians. Always recommend this business. ***** Star for Real. I’ll continue to pray for the continued success of this place. I called Blessed!!!!!

Jackie McDonald