I’ve been coming here to get my brows done since I was 12 years old, and I’m now 22. This is the only place I’ll let touch my face with any service for waxing. And the facial products are just as amazing! I have been using the Bee Clean as my face wash for about 3 years now and it’s bomb as hell. A+ for service and the products period !


I use this every day and has helped my skin so much!


I started to experience an excessive amount of hormonal acne. I recently came into Bees wax to have my eyebrows done & was offered to try the Bee Clear & Bee Clean sample. I Started using the products and instantly seen a change in my breakouts. My next eyebrow appointment I purchased the products and have no longer experience new breakouts,also it makes my skincare completely CLEAN!!! I WOULDN’T try another product ever!!! -Ashley B

Ashley Brown

I have really sensitive skin and I keep breaking out. My girlfriend let me try her bee clean product and I felt a difference right away. My skin feels so smooth and clean I ordered myself this product!


I bought bee clean and new cool and it absolutely cleared up my face and controlled my oily skin. I love it!

Brianna Maldonado

I have been using the bee clean as my face wash and i love it! I don’t think i’m going to go back to the old cleanser I was using after this!!!!


Bee Clean cleanser works so well for my acne. It is so soothing and glides on my face so easy. It removes all the dirt and does not burn.

Chris A.

I have had terrible acne for the longest time. One of my friends told me that a product Bee Clean has been helping her face clear up! So I used some of hers and it helped my acne so much that I had to order some of my own and I cannot stop using it!