Toners: The Unsung Hero of Skincare

Toners have come a long way in terms of skincare. Back in the early days of skincare technology, this step in the routine went by the name “astringent” and often included stripping ingredients and harmful alcohols. This isn’t the case any longer. Toners come in a wide variety of different types, ranging from hydrating all the way to those that include active acids. So what are they exactly and why are they necessary? 

Skinimalism: The Beauty Trend of 2021

Skinimalism: The Beauty Trend of 2021

A new term has been coined for the ultimate beauty trend of 2021: Skinimalism. Pinterest, and many others, predict that caked-on makeup is becoming a thing of the past. Now, we’re looking forward to an “effortlessly chic” sustainable, simple and natural skincare routine that allows authentic beauty to shine through. We’re going back to the basics.

time to mask

Time to Mask

Nowadays, it’s standard protocol to wear a face mask whenever you’re out in public. If you have sensitive skin, or are wearing a mask for long periods of time, it may start to affect your skin. Sweating, coughing, sneezing and breathing into your mask will contain your germs from the public, but can also linger on your skin. Whether you’re experiencing redness, clogged pores, or blemishes, we have some tips to help keep your skin clear once you’re safe at home!